ARMS' Annual Report Service provides the most comprehensive solution for your company's Annual Report requirements with Illinois Annual Reports
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This is what you can expect from our compliance specialists providing you with our Annual Report Service. will call each state and perform a Status Check on each entity to determine if the Annual Report/Registration has been filed, the next filing date and if it is in good standing. If we find any deficiencies, we will obtain the necessary forms to return to Good Standing. will obtain and prepare the Annual Reports/Registrations for each entity in each state prior to the due dates. will send completed Annual Report/Registration forms for execution to the customer, where necessary, prior to the due dates.

Once the executed Annual Report/Registration is received in our office, will submit the Annual Report/Registration and advance all nominal filing fees to the appropriate state department. will track the filing to insure each Annual Report/Registration is filed. will post all filing information to our secured web site that you can access with your login and password. The following information will be available to you:
Entity Name Date Annual Report Filed
Jurisdiction Annual Report Filing Status
Annual Report Form Name Annual Report Filing Fee
Annual Report Due Date Check Number
Date Annual Report Submitted Invoice Number
Why do so many companies rely on our expertise and use our Annual Report Service?

Managing the multiple jurisdictional deadlines can be very time consuming.

Expert knowledge dealing with Franchise Tax Returns, Annual Reports, Biennual Reports.
  Illinois Corporate Annual Reports, Delaware Franchise Tax Returns as well as so many others.
Our vast experience and knowledge allows us to deal one on one with the various Secretary of State offices

Exceptional Customer Service and Superior Technology
  Same day access to filing history & information allowing you to track an individual filing of annual reports.
Company Records online customized by subsidiary.
ARMS Annual Report Service provides the most comprehensive solution for your company's Annual Report requirements

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